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  1. Alison says:


    Can you please do an article on Stock Pots? I would really like to purchase one as I love to make soups but the Stock Pot included with my cookware set that I had purchased when I left college is just too small. I am looking to purchase a bigger one on its own to round out my resources in the kitchen (8-10 quart size). Can you evaluate which ones are best? I lean towards the stainless steel but ran into several reviews on different brands that mentioned handle rivets corroding (I was surprised to hear that about Cuisinart especially). I need something that can handle tomato and not tomato based items so copper is out. Le Creuset are extremely unwieldy due to weight even before ingredients are added which seems to me a kitchen accident waiting to happen, and ridiculously expensive besides. I know I need quality and something that will stand up to regular use but I am also trying not to break the bank. Any help or suggestions?



    • Cookware Advisor says:

      hi Allison, I think that’s a great suggestion for an article topic. I’m adding it to my list of articles to work on.

      For a stock pot, I think you would be best off with a heavy gauge stainless steel pot, ideally 5 ply (ply means layers of metal). The heavy gauge would mean a thick bottom, even heat and good heat distribution which you want in a pot that is likely going to be simmering for some time.

      If budget was not a constraint, you could go for an All Clad 5 Ply Stock Pot. Granted it made in American but personally I find All Clad is unaffordable for most of us.

      A more affordable but premium quality option is the Made in Cookware Stockpot, which is also 5 ply and like All Clad, completely made in America. You can read my review here, I’m currently using their 8 QT stockpot and really enjoying it. If you’re planning to buy soon, they have a Black Friday 20% off promotion running which really makes it worth it, it’s a pot that will likely last forever.

      Your third option is Calphalon Signature Stainless Steel which is also a 5 ply cookware.

      Hope this helps you decide! All the best:)

  2. Katherine Hark says:

    Hi, Just stumbled across your site, very informative.I have a question about Le Cruiset cookware. I have 2 skillets that have teflon coating. Sad to say, the teflon coating is pitted and scratched. So they have not been used for many years. Is there any way to make them useable again? Remove the teflon coating? I don’t know what I am asking, it’s just such a shame that I can’t use those skillets anymore. Oh, BTW, they are enamel on cast iron with damaged teflon coating. Thanks for any l ight you might shine on my problem.

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Katherine, I’m wondering if you have any kind of lifetime warranty you could use on those pans?
      If not, here’s a youtube video I found for removing the coating on a Le Creuset skillet:

      It’s beyond my skill set and tool set but see if that helps.

      • Katherine Hark says:

        Hi, Thanks, this seems to be the answer. My husband and a friend who is a blacksmith should be able to give me the assistance needed to do the job. I believe that when I contacted Le Creuset in the past, there was an issue about proof of purchase. I didn’t have it perhaps. In any event the pans were in storage, waiting for an answer.Again, my thanks.

  3. Mouni says:

    Hey Hi..
    To begin with I have started to cook only from a year ago.
    I have barely no idea about cookware materials and brands.
    Now I am planning to invest in a good cookware set.
    I am confused on different cookware materials(ceramic,hard anodized aluminium,copper,procline..) and brands.
    Can you help me in suggesting the right one?
    I need know right material which is safe(Health) and durable (that wont worn out soon with in a year ),brand I can go for and affordable. The type of cooking I do is Asian which involves frying .Please help me.

    • Mouni says:

      And also easy cleaning:)

      • Cookware Advisor says:

        Hi Mouni, thanks for stopping by. Given that you want safe, durable and easy to clean cookware that won’t wear out, seems like stainless steel is a good option for you. It’s low maintenace and lasts a long time. I shortlisted my top picks here.

        If you think it would help, I would also suggest you read my guide How To Choose Cookware. It’s a step by step guide to figuring out the right kind of cookware for you.

        Hope that helps!

        • Mouni says:

          Thank you very much for your quick responce.
          i have already read your guide.
          I hear that Stainless steel will get burnt soon and difficult to clean . What is best after that.

  4. Carl nestle says:

    I have 4 frying pans that have the titanium coming off. I can’t remember when I bought them. I think about fifteen or twenty years ago. Does the warranty still cover them . If so where do I sent them to get them replaced. They are a great pans in my kitchen.

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Carl, you will have to contact the manufacturer or the retailer you purchased them from to find out about the warranty.

  5. Helen Salvo says:

    Hi Natalie, I just stumbled onto your website. Is your expertise just about cookware or do you have any knowledge about the air fryers? I want to get one desperately, so I bought the Brio 6 qt air fryer but had to take it back when it emitted a horrible smell, I thought was teflon. I have a cockatiel and had to rush him to the back of the house so he wouldn’t be killed by the fumes. So…I then proceeded to look at another air fryer, the Power XL air fryer. This time, I “live chatted” with a rep. who, when I asked if their “professional non stick coating” was teflon she just repeated the same thing I just typed. Any info that you have on this item would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      hi Helen, a couple of other readers had the same question and one of them had some input after contacting the Power air fryer company.
      You can do a search for ‘Power air’ on this page and see the comments:

      From the company literature, I was unable to find any definitive information about whether the nonstick coating is ptfe or ceramic based, the info seemed rather vague. Then one of my readers contacted the company on their Facebook page and was told (I am quoting directly from his message):
      “Power AirFryer XL is coated with professional-grade non-stick coating. It is also chemical and PTFE & PFOA free.”

      Also I was able to find this on their facebook page:

      So judging from above info, it seems it is ptfe free.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Becky Walenda says:

    Are there any Cookware sets made in America?

  7. I would like to know what are the WHITE spots on the bottom of the pans after I wash them ? I don’t dry them they are in the drainer..How do I get rid of them ? I really enjoy cooking them..Please help me out..Thank You.

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      hi Christine, that usually happens on stainless steel pans. As far as I know its caused by calcium deposits from the water. Try using vinegar and water to clean them.

  8. Virginia I Carpenter says:

    I have the Emeril all clad pans. I love these pans. They cook even and they do not stick. I do use them as suggested and that is not overheating them.
    My question is: When I was unloading them from the dishwasher today, I noticed the outside of them have an orange stain. It covers the outside of the pan. I have seen that the pans get a blue discoloration, but nothing about orange. What would you recommend to use to clean these pans?

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Virginia, I would try Bar Keepers friend or even a diy scrub of baking soda and a bit of water.

      • Virginia I Carpenter says:

        We have tried the Barkeepers. The inside of my stainless steel dishwasher has the same orange stain. We changed soap and it is better, but still there. I wondered if it could be iron. I do have high iron contact but the water is filtered and treated with iron out salt in the softener. Thank you.

  9. c says:

    after reading about ceramic cookware looking to buy the safest ceramic electric griddle, not sure what brand. Please advise!

  10. Hi,

    I would like to know if the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Cookward can be used on a glass smooth top stove/ceramic stovetop. I con’t find any information on the box indication any stoves but I did see if can be used on induction cooktops. Thank you.

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      hi Janice, you can use any stainless steel cookware on a glass/ceramic stovetop. In fact I have a glass stove and I use stainless steel cookware on it all the time!

  11. Connie says:

    I recently purchased stainless steel cookware. When reviewing your 5 secrets to with stainless steel the number one item addressed is making the pan no stick. Is this something I need to do each time or is it a one time application?

    Thank you for your help

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Connie, in my experience, its a step that needs to be done everytime. It all washes off when you wash the pan after use.

  12. Sassy says:

    RangeMate Pro for microwave use.
    Is this chemically safe?
    I cannot find information regarding this anywhere

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi there Sassy, I have to be honest I don’t know much about it. As far as i can understand, RangeMate Pro uses infra-red rays to cook food. The safety of infrared cooking is better addressed by Additionally some people have concerns about microwave cooking so you might want to look into that as well.

  13. Kirsten Møller says:

    I am the happy owner of a pan with this fantastic Eterna coating.
    I have a question as we had a discussion last night :-)
    Is it ok to remove the hot pan form the stove and poor Cold Water from the tap into it to start cleaning the pan, as after a few minutes the Water is heated and will help cleaning the pan.
    I’m very exited to hear your comment and thank you in advance.

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Kirsten, I would always advise to let the pan cool down before adding cold water. If you add cold water to a hot pan, you risk warping the pan… you know when a pan gets a wavy bottom and never sits flat again?

      Hope that helps!

  14. Eloise E says:

    Many of the brands you list as most popular and rate highest are made in countries without strict standards. I am concerned about leaching of toxic metals into food prepared for my family. The Cuisanart cookware is said to be as good as the more expensive All-Clad made in America; but it is made in China and in France. Is there cause for worry? Which brand do you recommend as safest? Thank you

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Eloise, I know many people have an issue buying product made in China so its understandable. Truth is, just about everything you can think of is outsourced to China.

      So here’s my take on this: the companies that outsource the production of their brands to Chinese factories are still responsible for the quality of those products. It’s their job to make sure the products comply with US/North American standards of performance and safety. And it’s in their best interests to make sure their brand is consistent and high quality.

      I don’t know if that helps allay your fears at all?
      Personally, I’m a big fan of stainless steel cookware as the best choice, you can see my top 3 choices here.

  15. Jen says:

    Hi, not sure if I am using the right form, but can you please advice if the Gotham pan is safe to use? I do not want to use the Teflon pans. Thank you for your excellent website Jen

    • Cookware Advisor says:

      Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by! As far as I know, Gotham pans are ceramic coated which means no teflon. I would just be wary of the claims in the TV ad for those pans…. if it seems to good to be true, it usually is….

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